Have You Ever Consider Getting An Energy Audit?

There are many benefits that you get from getting an energy audit such as; saving money, reducing your carbon footprint, analyzing energy consumption to reduce wasted energy, and overall report with recommendations. Here at the IAC we thoroughly analyzes bills to see how much energy is actually being used and trends to determine what areas to inspect. Also we check equipment to find out where the company can potentially save money. Some pieces of equipment can be drawing more energy because they are overused, underused, need maintenance, or need to be upgraded.The IAC inspects the “factory as whole”, because our goal is to evaluate every single area where there are opportunities to save energy and money. By saving money you can reinvest some of those in savings into better energy efficient equipment. Energy audits typically cost prices ranging between $1,000 and $15,000 which could be a reason not to get an audit but here at the IAC we don’t charge for audits as long as you meet the requirements on our website. By reducing energy consumption and gas consumption you are becoming more sustainable while reducing your carbon footprint. With current climate conditions you can join the effort by going green and participating in an energy audit at no cost provider by the IAC center at IUPUI! Sign up on our website iac.iupui.edu