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  • Have You Ever Consider Getting An Energy Audit?

    There are many benefits that you get from getting an energy audit such as; saving money, reducing your carbon footprint, analyzing energy consumption to reduce wasted energy, and overall report with recommendations. Here at the IAC we thoroughly analyzes bills to see how much energy is actually being used and trends to determine what areas ...
  • An Air Compressor Leak Can Cost You Hundreds or Even Thousands of Dollars in Wasted Energy

    An Air Compressor Leak Can Cost You Hundreds or Even Thousands of Dollars in Wasted Energy Did you know that air compressors accounted for $3.2 billion in wasted energy consumption cost? One of the common recommendations we make is to reduce air compressors to the minimum required. This is often overlooked because companies are unaware of ...
  • How Insulation Can Save Manufactures Money

    Earlier this year we conducted an energy audit for a metal casting manufacture in Indiana. We helped the local manufacture save over $181,000! We conducted an energy audit thoroughly by taking a look at every piece of equipment. In the picture you can see the recommendations that were implemented as they are highlight in green. Some ...
  • Abdul Hadi Ayoub Receives DOE’s 2017 IAC Outstanding Student Award

    The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has given Abdul Hadi Ayoub, a mechanical engineering graduate student at IUPUI, the 2017 Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) Outstanding Student Award. The award is given to a student for “outstanding accomplishments in promoting the practices, principles and procedures in energy efficiency, productivity improvement and smart manufacturing, waste reduction, water ...
  • IAC Students at 2nd Annual Leadership Symposium

    Two students affiliated with the IAC presented at the 2nd Annual School of Engineering and Technology Leadership Symposium and Poster Session. Allen Wu (left) presented “An Integrated Remote Monitoring and Controlling Platform for Improving Industrial Energy Efficiency.” Abdul Hadi Ayoub (right) presented the IAC’s “Mission” and “Benefits.”
  • IAC Report to the Community

    Check out the IAC’s newest video on YouTube. It features a description of the mission of the IAC, as well as messages from from the director and engineers on the program.