Client Assessment

Four-Step Process

  • Pre-Assessment Information Gathering
  • Pre-Assessment Analysis
  • On-Site Assessment
  • Post Assessment


Download Pre-Assessment Form

One Day On-Site Assessment

Download a Sample Assessment Agenda
  1. Introduction
  2. Q & A
  3. Plant Tour
  4. Meeting room debriefing
  5. Review notes and brainstorm (Lunch)
  6. Refine List of opportunities to be investigated
  7. Data Gathering
  8. Exit Interview

Post-Assessment Report

  1. Conduct engineering and financial analysis
  2. Deliver an IAC Report
    • Executive Summary including summary of Recommendations
    • Plant Description
    • Process Description
    • Resource Charts and Tables
    • Major Energy Consuming Equipment
    • Best Practices
    • Description of Individual Energy Saving Recommendations
  3. Follow-up to Report


  • The identity of each participating plant is not reported to the Department of Energy–only the summary data.
  • Assessment reports are stored in an Industrial Assessment Center Database managed by the IAC Field Manager at the Rutgers University. No company names are shown in any public assessable documents without the company’s consent.